(Where's the) Remote Control?

Copyright © 2019 Karl Ward

Writing notes

It’s so hard to live in the moment.

I don’t think this song sounds much like Alex Chilton, but I sure was listening to a lot of Chilton when I wrote this. The song was written on an Ace Tone organ, sort of (software, Puremagnetik). The organ didn’t make it into the final cut, mostly because I decided to try a Georgia Hubley / Steve Shelley maraca-on-the-floor-tom drum part, and the rock arrangement all flowed from there. I really wanted to write a Georgia song, or at least a song that she might sing. It’s the first one that I finished writing. Not too long after that I visited Chilton’s former house in Treme; you know, stood around out front, took a picture, then I had somewhere else to be.

Karl Ward in front of Alex Chilton's former house in Treme

Recording notes

Yes, I know the shaker is loud. Admit to yourself that you love it.
  • Rhythm guitar: Telecaster “Jenny” -> Fulltone ‘69 -> Fender ‘65 Twin Reissue
  • Lead guitar: Stratocaster “Betty” -> Fender ‘65 Twin Reissue: the piezo pickups are on the Twin’s normal channel, and the magnetic pickups are on the Vibrato channel, all turned up super loud with no effects
  • Bass: Squier Precision Bass -> Electro-Harmonix Black Finger -> Sovtek MIG-50
  • Drums: Ludwig Club Date
  • Percussion: LP Pro Maraca (the big ass yellow one)

Release Info