White acrylic ink on mirror, in collaboration with Rodrigo Derteano. “1986” is a data art object on the topic of cocaine, presenting data from newspaper article headlines during a pivotal year in the history of substance abuse in the USA. Click here to view a high res image of the piece. This project is a remix of Rodrigo Derteano’s earlier work, which was created from a search for the appearance of the word “cocaine” in New York Times article titles from 1900 to 2014. »

Hey Princess

Hey princess, put on your armor / Hide that hole where you had a heart / You have everything you need, but something is wrong / And you just don't know where to start »

The Space Shuttle

This is a short history of my performance-hardened guitar rig: 2-channel guitar (magnetic and piezoelectric) -> 2 separate effects pedal paths -> 2 separate amp channels »


Multilooper is a multitrack live looping rig created by Karl Ward and used onstage with Ghost Ghost. »

Vassar Days

I'll take the field and the forest / I'll take the sound / Of the sky to one ear / One ear to the ground »


Net::MAC is a Perl module for representing and manipulating Ethernet MAC addresses. »

Karl Ward on #Code,


karlward@karlward.com »

Karl Ward