In 2003 I bought a maroon / wine red Telecaster somewhere in New York (Queens? I can’t remember). The guitar is named after Waylon Jennings, because I was obsessed with Jennings during that time. This was the first guitar that I named with my oddball naming scheme, where the guitar is named after a person, but with an indirect and gender ambiguous name. The sticker is a monkey with angel wings, from the Beck album The Information.

Jenny was my primary electric from 2003 into 2009, which means all of Ninth Street Mission and the first year of Ghost Ghost. The last time Jenny was my main stage guitar was on Valentine’s Day, 2009, at Lit Lounge:

This guitar has seen a bunch of modifications. In the early days of Ghost Ghost, I had a problem with frequent string breakage. I was pounding the guitar back then. So I filed down the string holes in the bridge plate so the strings would bend on a rounded corner rather than a hard one. I also replaced the saddles with String Saver saddles, which have Teflon inserts that the strings rest on. In 2019 I replaced the stock switch with a Oak Grigsby 4 way switch so there’s a position where both pickups are in series. Since I had to rewire basically everything to replace the switch, I replaced the potentiometers, and the stock capacitors with Orange Drops; for noise shielding, I painted the entire cavity with conductive paint and glued shielding foil to the pickguard. Finally, I replaced the stock tuners with locking tuners.

This guitar sounds particularly great plugged straight into my Sovtek MIG-50. With few exceptions, this is the electric that I played on the Ninth Street Mission record, and Time is Gravity.