Her Majesty (Rock the Grotto Reprise)

Copyright © 2019 Karl Ward

Writing notes

So I always end up with a bunch of finished songs that didn’t make the cut, or little pieces of songs that didn’t work out. I think this was a complete song at one point, but I discarded these lyrics and the song eventually became “Rock the Grotto.” The only verse from that discarded song that I loved was this one, and I was bummed that I couldn’t find a spot for it somewhere in the record. But then I thought about doing just this tiny piece like the Beatles song “Her Majesty,” which was a super short and almost discarded song that was tacked onto the end of Abbey Road. “Rock the Grotto” already had a big crash that I could use for the beginning of this song too, so I put the whole thing together in maybe ten minutes.

Recording notes

I had recently bought a terrible tape recorder so we could listen to my wife’s old cassette mixtapes from the 90s. I felt like it would bring a sort of “Poledo” vibe to the recording, or at least it would sound like the sketches I recorded on tape recorders back in the 90s.

  • Rhythm guitar: Takamine EG acoustic "Lester"
  • Organ: Ace Tone GT7 draw bars organ (software instrument from Puremagnetik)

Release Info