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Reflection is an API for the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, designed to represent relationships between people and the things we care about. »

Th_s Lan_ Is Yo_r L_nd

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Explore US child poverty statistics through sound with an interactive audio map »


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"1986" is a data art object on the topic of cocaine, presenting data from newspaper article headlines during a pivotal year in the "war on drugs" »


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When emoji isn't enough, Ish lets you say it, sort of. »

Arduino Filter

Filter is an Arduino data filtering library, providing programmers with data filtering operations on a configurable number of recent integer values »

Audio Self Portrait

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A pixelated visual self portrait meets a playlist, controlled by a DJ grid interface. Also there's pizza at the end. »

Visualizing Hell

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I edited and designed the cover of this new O'Reilly book on "JavaScript, Python, Processing, CSS, & Some Other Bullshit" »

Hey Princess

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A choose-your-own-adventure rock song that begins with "Hey princess, put on your armor / Hide that hole where you had a heart" »

The Space Shuttle

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Performance hardened guitar effects pedal rig: 2-channel guitar (magnetic and piezoelectric) -> 2 separate effects pedal paths -> 2 separate amp channels »


Net::MAC is a Perl module for representing and manipulating Ethernet MAC addresses. »