Karl Ward

Hello, I’m Karl Ward. I grew up in Houston, Texas, though I’ve been in and around New York City for so long now you might mistake me for someone else. You can contact me at karl@ghostghost.net. We could talk about all kinds of things. You might know me from any of the following projects:
  • Ghost Ghost – a rock/folk/electronic group
  • Ninth Street Mission – a folk/rock group
  • Net::MAC – Ethernet address parsing library (not a rock band)
  • Arduino Filter – data filtering library for Arduino microprocessors
  • Multilooper – live looping software project
  • Cat Bidet Magazine – I have nothing to do with this
  • Fortress of Yahweh – I’m definitely not MC Ronald Reagan
  • Deaf Experience – a rock group
  • The Nah Nah Nahs – a post-rock group
I am currently a master’s student at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Here is my ITP profile. Before ITP, I studied English literature at Columbia College. Back then I spent most of my time at the Columbia Computer Music Center, making weird music with machines.