Paul's Boutique

Paul’s Boutique is part of why I came to New York. When I was deciding where to go to college, the record was a big part of my decision. The world the Beastie Boys described–its geography, customs, slang–was dealt in a wonderful puzzle of samples, big pop references, and NYC inside jokes. Between Paul’s Boutique (a love letter to New York) and Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde (a love letter set in New York), I became convinced that New York City was right for me and that’s where I ended up. »

FFT Examples

The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is a mathematical technique used in many devices and processes to perform a dizzying assortment of digital tricks. Cut, copy, and paste capability is considered a prerequisite for remix, but FFT manipulations (such as pitch shifting, time stretching, and beat matching) are also very important factors in the prevalence of remix, because FFT makes many sophisticated transformations trivial. Processing has a simple audio FFT library in processing.sound, which will be used in these examples. »

Wank Caller

guitar wanker - one who plays electric guitar in a loud, busy, uninspired manner How good are you on guitar? Can you really play that raging guitar solo that expresses exactly how you feel? Wank Caller is a guitar pedal that contains an embedded cell phone. Stomp on the footswitch and a phone call will be made. When the call is answered, the only way you’ll have to communicate with the person you called is by playing your guitar. »

GSM Novel Uses

Don’t turn off GSM yet! How Intelligent Machines Could Take Over the GSM Network (based on this paper: Reengineering GSM/GPRS Towards a Dedicated Network for Massive Smart Metering) GSM networks are being replaced by 3G and later mobile network protocols, leaving the future of the GSM infrastructure in doubt. It’s possible that GSM will be scrapped entirely over the next few years. However, some engineers are recommending that GSM infrastructure be dedicated to connected devices (machine-to-machine, e.g. »

GSM Security Research

This paper, “A3/A8 & COMP128” describes SIM attacks and UICC cloning: Several interesting points are made: 1. Defects in the algorithm, and deliberate weakening of the encryption strength, make it much easier than expected to derive the private key stored on the UICC. 2. Exploits require physical access to the UICC. Early exploits required about 6 hours to derive the private key, which enables the attacker to clone the UICC. »


Reflection is an API created for the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), where I am a master’s candidate and staff member. Clay Shirky recently called on ITP and NYU to “API ALL THE THINGS.” Well, here goes. In computer programming, the term “reflection” has a special meaning. Many programming languages cannot inspect or modify the actual code that makes them do what they do. Lack of the capacity for reflection increases a program’s predictability but limits its adaptability to the constantly changing world. »

Th_s Lan_ Is Yo_r L_nd

“Th_s Lan_ Is Yo_r L_nd” is an interactive United States map that controls a music player—choose any point on the map and you will hear the popular American folk song “This Land Is Your Land.” But the sound will be periodically muted, in proportion to the percentage of children living in poverty within the county at that point on the map. On average, about one out of five children in the US live in poverty. »


What if we could get Bob Dylan to interview Michael Bloomberg? Now we can! Sort of. Questionizer does simple natural language processing on two texts, looking for questions and answers in each. Then it takes questions from one text, and answers from another. I fired it up on some Dylan lyrics and a recent Bloomberg interview. Let’s see what happens: Dylan: Yes, and how many seas must a white dove sail before she sleeps in the sand? »


White acrylic ink on mirror, in collaboration with Rodrigo Derteano. “1986” is a data art object on the topic of cocaine, presenting data from newspaper article headlines during a pivotal year in the history of substance abuse in the USA. Click here to view a high res image of the piece. This project is a remix of Rodrigo Derteano’s earlier work, which was created from a search for the appearance of the word “cocaine” in New York Times article titles from 1900 to 2014. »

Arduino Filter

Filter is an Arduino data filtering library. The Filter library provides Arduino programmers with data filtering routines on a configurable number of recent integer values. In particular, the code provides simple ways to perform basic statistical operations (e.g. mean, median, standard deviation) on a buffer of recently captured values. This is useful for smoothing the data coming from a sensor, or identifying when a threshold has been crossed despite noise in the input signal. »